RFID Based Asset Tracking System

RFID Asset Tracking System

Smart homes

Houses equipped with RFID technology may be beneficial for many interest groups, including builders, house insurance companies, service providers and homeowners. RFID creates better & safer home, By the use of RFID we can create better and safe home. Examples are mentioned below:

Building homes with RFID tagged materials

House built with tagged material could be used to ensure correct building & avoids human errors. Sensor tags incorporated in building materials could alert the house builder about the origin of materials how they have treated during supply chain. Owners can also check it out later for the safety purpose because whatever is happening with tagged material it will store in the history of tag. Building inspectors in charge of ensuring that buildings are

safe as well as issuing building or revolution permits can be informed of the presence and condition of building materials and construction solution that are not visible to the naked eye.

RFID could make repair & maintenance easier

RFID sensor tags could be placed inside a home to measure humidity, temperature, air circulation etc. By having the tags scanned regularly by a property caretaker, maintenance or repair personnel, homeowners could be notified of and fix the problem before it becomes costly.

IT Industry

IT makes use of numerous number of valuable assets and wants it’s asset to be tracked automatically. with RFID solutions we attach an RFID tag to each asset entering the premises. thus with the RFID reader it is easy to locate the asset with checkin and checkout feature.

How our solution works:-:

  • RFID tag attached with all the asset
  • RFID reader installed in the building premises
  • Application installed in the central server
  • Data can be uploaded to the cloud server.
  • Generate reports.