RFID Based Vehicle Parking System

RFID Vehicle Parking System

Business areas for implementation
  • Offices parking lots
  • Malls
  • Toll Plazas
Business challenges

In current metropolitan scenario there has been a burgeoning growth in no. of vehicles. With shrinking spaces, operating a managed busy and expensive parking lot having multiple gates pose significant challenges specially to government organizations and fleet management system. The parking operations requires to have an automated and efficient monitoring system that allows for accurate vehicle tracking as well as easy access for drivers. Allowing real time visibility of vehicles and the ability to receive advanced information regarding legal existence and security status.

We have created a developed parking management framework which determines capacity and utilization of parking system. Better use of parking resources. Our parking management system identifies priority parking users, identifies parking areas for customers employees and residents. Our Parking Management System (PMS) offers automatic identification and data collection, avoids manipulation of data, reduces handling mistakes.

The PMS TAKES EFFICIENCY OF MANAGEMENT to the next level, it offers optimum and maximum utilization of the parking slots, increase in accuracy and staff productivity, Stress free pleasurable parking for customers, and its easy to integrate and install.

Our parking management solution offers accurate identification of vehicles, parking areas of gated communities can manage their vehicles efficiently without human intervention as well as easy in and out access for drivers. Our solution collects and records the data automatically which is not possible in manual entry. Automatic access control into and out of parking lot increases customers safety and security. With automatic vehicle identification increases security to manifolds and prevents loss of luxury vehicles. Automated notification through sms whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the premises. Helps locate vehicles quickly. Real time parking status updates.