RFID Based File Tracking System

RFID File Tracking System (TrackFil)

Business Challenges
  1. Huge pile of physical data to manage.
  2. Access control for physical data
  3. Blurred visibility of Physical data kept in Inventory.
  4. Poor track record for data access.
  5. Real time tracking of physical files.
  6. Haphazard and manual process of handling physical files.
  7. Loss of resource and working hours to manage the physical data.
  8. Blurred visibility of library.
TrackFil - RFID based file tracking system

In any organization, documents are the valuable assets and they store the records, history and working activities of any organization. It also shows the graph of performance of the company.

So, document management is very essential and critical part of any organizational work.

Searching a file among a pile of files is a hectic job and need patience .sometimes becomes time consuming with less output (productivity) or no output at all.

This file tracking system can be easily implemented in your record system to make the process faster giving positive output. Our Tracking system involves RFID (Radio frequency Identification) technology to locate missing files and the movement of files in and out of file room.

Our system helps in tracking files with less effort and consuming less time.


  • Finds your missing files.
  • Check the in and out of files.
  • Improves staff performance and over-all productivity
  • Saves time
  • Easy and flexible way of searching files
  • Cost effective
  • More reliable
  • If file is misplaced can be tracked easily