RFID Solution for supply chain management system

RFID Supply Chain Management System

It’s very hard to manage what you can’t see. So now days many organizations consider Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for improving services, and increases ROI (Return Of Investment) throughout the supply chain.

Our team of experts at Netpaze Solutions provides end to end solution which help in streamline line visibility the supply chain by promptly detecting, reporting and resolving It also increases efficiency by optimizing asset and inventory management. RFID technologies can play a very imp role in monitoring and track products in transit, and RFID is being used to ensure store shelves are replenished.

Our team of experts at Netpaze Solutions understands that the supply chain requires more than one type of RFID technology to satisfy these entire requirements and has developed different solution for tracking as well as locating.

How it works:-
  • RFID tag attached to the transportation boxed
  • RFID reader installed in the inventory
  • RFID reader can be installed in the movable vehicle
  • Application installed in the central server
  • Online Data Availability
  • Generate reports