RFID Based Inventory Management Solution

RFID Based Inventory Management (InvenTrack)

RFID is the most powerful technology for inventory control and management. A typical inventory cycle without RFID takes long time to manage and that is only performed 2-3 times per year, but with the use of RFID technology inventory management processes can be aligned and synchronized at a much better cost effective manner.

Our RFID team of experts at Netpaze Solutions provides end to end tailor-made solution (from business process analysis to RFID infrastructure design to application software, product labeling and compute system integration).

Benefits :
  • Tags can be used remotely, often at a distance of several meters.
  • To prevent over stocking or under stoking a product or component.
  • For stock security, by positioning tag reader at point of high risk, such as exit, and causing them to trigger alarm.
  • Application installed in the central server
  • Online Data Availability